Acorus gramineus part2

Acorus gramineus has been found to have various effects through research in addition to brain-related effects 

anti cancer

Acorus gramineus has anti-cancer effect.
We can find many kinds of effects in studies of the regulation of the immune system and anticancer effects. In a brief review of the results, we can see the regulation of the immune system, the increase of T lymphocyte, the strong cytotoxicity against cancer cells of leukemia, the induction of death of leukemia cancer cells, the increase of the expression of P53 which is a gene protecting cells from abnormal growth and mutation, and so on. These are evidence that can be seen as Acorus gramineus Soland has an Anticancer effect. Besides, it can induce enzymes that protect cancers and has the restricting effect of multiform cancers. 
Acorus gramineus has effect on dermatological diseases.
In Korean traditional medicine, Acorus gramineus has the role of 'Sojongjiton' which gets rid of a big furuncle or the swelling of injuries and releases of pain, so that it can be used for injuries and dermatological diseases.
If the Acorus gramineus is sprinkled on the purulent ulcer and the surface of inflammation of the skin, they are soothed easily.
In another experiment, it appears Acorus gramineus has an antiallergenic effect and its components such as 'β-Asarone' contribute to the activation of the antiallergenic effect.

vascular function

Also, Acorus gramineus shows a good effect on vascular function.
A study proved that Acorus gramineus made the level of Triglyceride in vessels lower significantly so that it can decrease the index of arteriosclerosis through controlling blood lipids.
β-asarone is a component that take a role in increasing the blood volume in a coronary artery.
In the arterial thrombosis test, there was an Anti-thrombotic effect.
Acorus gramineus has the effect which decreases fat levels.
A study in Kyunghee University(in South Korea) in 2007 proved that Acorus gramineus made weight loss, a decrease of dietary intake, and severe decrease of fat tissue, especially the study predicted Acorus gramineus will be a good substance for preventing obesity through the genetic change related of the accumulation of fat in fat tissues.



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