• Acorus gramineus part1

    Acorus gramineus part1
    Inspired by years of research on dementia, we started to make perfumes. Although this perfume is not a medicine to prevent or treat dementia right away, we have looked hard for ingredients that can help the brain's health as a raw material for perfume. There were several plants that we learned in the process, and one of which was the Acorus gramineus. [Acorus gramineus] We...
  • Acorus gramineus part2

    Acorus gramineus part2
    Acorus gramineus has been found to have various effects through research in addition to brain-related effects  Acorus gramineus has anti-cancer effect.We can find many kinds of effects in studies of the regulation of the immune system and anticancer effects. In a brief review of the results, we can see the regulation of the immune system, the increase of T lymphocyte, the strong cytotoxicity against...
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