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A fragrance inspired by neurosurgeon's dementia research.

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90 x 115px
Sexy, substantial, and comforting A little bit oriental I would say and definitely nothing you can get in casual perfume shops. It's my first time wearing a functional perfume, but it seems like a category to look for in the future if it has a good scent and effective functions.
90 x 115px
My first impression was it is precominantly herbal and medicinal smelling, very niche and strange in good way. Also, considering its good function with the niche smell, it is so reasonable price. There is some fresh spices, not quite citrus but sour herbal fresh. People might say it is suitable in autumn or winter, but i also recommend in summer.
90 x 115px
Green woody scent with aquatic notes. Perfume is subjective and I have to admit that this isn't the type of scent I favour, I find that it is quite a soft scent that doesn't last too long on my skin. But it is definitely unusual and unexpected scent. Especially when considering the functional aspects it has.
90 x 115px
To be honest, it wasn't my style. The smell like temple and kind of woody, was old to me, so i gave it to my mom. She liked it so much, and also loved it when she heard about the effect of dementia. Of course I don't belive it will bring an dramatic effect of the perfume, but better than other perfumes. And i learned that this kind of scent is very preffered by the elders, because it gives comfortness.
Christian Tinline
90 x 115px
Como fragancia funcional beneficiosa para la actividad cerebral, tengo m?s inter?s en su eficacia que en el aroma en s?. Por el momento, no tengo idea de cu?n eficaz pueda ser pero quiz?s, si sigo utiliz?ndola, pudiera sentir sus efectos en alg?n momento...
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