Our Story

Finers Fragrances was started from neurosurgeon's dementa research

It all started with the discovery of small village with no dementia patients.

This village, where elderly seniors live healthily without symptoms of dementia, is located in Jiri, a famous mountain in Korea. Dr. Han Jong-woo, a neurosurgeon who has long been interested in the prevention and treatment of dementia began to study this amazing phenomenon that occurred in the village. Through the research, he was able to find some important facts. ‘Herbs and plants that grow in this area’, ‘living close to nature’ and ‘functional medicine’ were some of the reasons why the elderly were healthy. Currently, research is ongoing with a mission to prevent dementia.

Inspired by his father's dementia research, the founder of the brand, Dohgeon Han created a fragrance that could help improve brain function.

Perfume is one of the items people use every day. He thought, ‘What if this daily item has health-improving functions?’ It would be great. And this idea was the start of the Finers Fragrances. Through his father's medical advice, he found the fact that according to how the olfactory nerve works on the brain, fragrance can affect the functioning of the brain. After a long period of research and experimentation, he could finally create beautiful and fascinating fragrances that also help improve the memory function of the brain.

We still have a long way head to reach our purpose, but we believe that our unlimited passion for scent and relentless pursuit of innovation will make amazing things happen.
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