Dohgeon Han

CEO & Founder
Started his business in his 20s. During the eight years in business, severe stress and sleep disorder accompanied him and he eventually lost his health as a result of hard over-working. This led to an interest in both mental and physical health.
Inspired by his father's research, he is now trying to create a beautiful yet healthy fragrance.

Chaein Han

Senior Research Engineer
She is a core member of the FINERS team, majored in Food and Nutrition at the university. Wrote a paper with deep interest in alternative medicine. She focuses on the R&D of nutritional elements needed to improve health to create our ideal fragrance.

Dr. Jongwoo Han

Executive Advisor
He is a neurosurgeon in Korea specializing in cerebral aneurysm surgery and is currently a professor at the National Gyeongsang National University Hospital in South Korea. He completed his Ph.D. at Seoul National University in Korea, and was an associate professor at Minnesota State University in the United States. He specializes in surgical procedures but is also working on research to find ways to improve brain health.
Although he is a surgeon, he highly appreciates the effectiveness of alternative medicine such as Oriental Medicine. He believes that using herbs and plants based on Oriental medicine will have a great effect on the prevention and treatment of dementia.
As the founder's father and strong supporter, he generously supports the journey of making healthy perfume.
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